CIBC’s Hispano-Latino employee association (HOLA) hosted a unique celebration of the Hispanic Heritage with members of the Latin American MBA Alumni Network, (LAMBA).


This special reception was held on the 56th floor at CIBC’s head office located in Toronto’s financial district. This event offered a unique opportunity to network with CIBC’s executives and employees, including recruitment officers as well as members of LAMBA.

Sharon Wingfelder; VP Human Resources at CIBC, as well as Victor Olvera; LAMBA’s president, spoke about the value of the recent partnership between the two organizations.

Victor Olivera, LAMBA’s President, shared with the audience the story behind LAMBA: “LAMBA was born as a response to the needs of our stakeholders:

  • MBA alumni looking at connecting with like-minded professionals
  • 100 new MBA Latin American graduates every year seeking to enter the Canadian market
  • Corporations placing more and more value on diversity and high-caliber professionals
  • Business schools seeking to recruit the best undergrad professionals around the world and to help them reach the hidden job market
  • The Government of Canada. looking for the best talent around the world to help build this great country”.

His final remarks stressed the relevance of the LAMBA-CIBC partnership:

We are grateful with CIBC for investing in LAMBA and in the Latin American professional. We believe that this partnership will reap rewards for both organizations as we share similar values we both believe that diversity creates competitive advantages and that hard work and networking open doors for career advancement”

After the speeches, Ms. Wingfelder gave Victor Olvera and Emiliano Mendez; LAMBA’s VP Partnerships and Fundraising, the $7,500CAD cheque corresponding to the CEO level sponsorship. This contribution made CIBC the most important sponsor of LAMBA. This partnership sent a very strong message that CIBC is truly committed to support the Latin American MBA professionals in Canada.

The speeches were followed by a special tango performance and an opportunity to network among the rest of the special guests, including Diplomats and other Latin American opinion leaders in Canada.


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The Latin American MBA Alumni Network (LAMBA) is the first non-profit organization that aims to integrate Latin American MBA graduates, providing support for career advancement, and promoting the excellence and value that Latin American MBA alumni bring to the Canadian business community. For more information visit:


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